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Not the End of the Chase
In March 13, 2013, we wrote our first Illusion Chasers blog post for the Scientific American blog network, which we titled “Let the Chase Begin.” Seven years and hundreds of posts later, our blogging for Scientific American comes to an end, as the blog network closes down tomorrow. Our collaboration with Scientific American started years before our first blog post, and we are delighted to share that it will continue beyond our last one. Over the years, we have written many articles for both the digital and print magazines, including Scientific American and Scientific American Mind, and hope to continue to do so in the future. Our bimonthly Illusions column, which we started writing in 2011, lives on in Scientific American Mind. Credit: Vanyu KrastevCredit: Vanyu KrastevCredit: Vanyu KrastevCredit: Vanyu KrastevCredit: Vanyu Krastev
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