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Why the Trucking Industry Actually Supports Higher Fuel Taxes
" " You might assume higher fuel taxes would cut into the profits of the trucking industry. Jetta Productions/Getty ImagesTruck drivers in the United States use a lot of diesel fuel — 38 billion gallons (144 billion liters) a year, according to the American Trucking Associations (ATA) industry group. That's why it probably will come as a surprise that ATA, the umbrella organization of state trucking groups and industry-related conferences and councils, has been pushing Congress and the White House for years to increase federal fuel taxes. As the New York Times recently reported, ATA officials have testified before Congress at least 19 times over the past 11 years in favor of raising federal fuel taxes. Leathers said the industry prefers fuel taxes to another possible solution — conversion of existing lanes in the interstate system to toll roads.
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